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Wow, powerful epidose!!!! And the contrasts of a very serious subplot with Artie struggling to catch Adrian and discovering the worst possible news about who is the 'evil' person. I loved the humor thrown in with those serious moments as Pete, Myka and Claudia all deal with the artifact problems on their own. Joanne K looked like she was having a blast with this episode. I enjoyed seeing her dealing wit her sister, yet not losing her cool at any time. Comments about moles and getting poisoned by her sister said with a light tone definitely made me smile.


And of course the whole story plot with Artie turned out great. The last scenes with Artie virtually sobbing with confusion and grief and the realization that it was all in his imagination (or so it seemed) to that moment when he smoothly shifts from devastated supervisor to evil Artie. Such great actig on Saul's part and on Genelle's part as well. I was totally blown away and emotionally crushed by Leena's death though I'm not sure it will stay that way. With WH13, they do tend to bring back those they kill off. Sadly, I think in this case it may 'stick' just because of the shock factor. So I will be sad if they leave her dead. And of course once Artie is clear headed again and in control they grief he's going to experience is bound to tear him apart unless there is another time reset that brings Leena back.


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