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It"s A Wonderful Life Artie - Chapter 8, Part 4

Posted by MARRA on June 3, 2016 at 4:15 PM

This is dedicated to KJay99, who has consistently asked for the rest of this epic story. After years of waiting here is the next  installment. Enjoy!


“What do we have here?” Ben said pointing to Artie, “Well, if it isn’t the traitor. Tell us where the others are and we won’t hurt you too bad, Weisfelt.”

“I don’t think so Hall. In fact, if you all would please drop your weapons, I promise not to hurt you anymore than I have already. Did you like the dodge ball trick?” Artie chuckled while he urged the carpet to rise a little higher.

Ben’s face turned 3 shades darker.

“Did your face turn this dark after the ball clocked you in the face?” Artie asked laughing.

Artie could tell that he had pushed Ben over the edge. “Let’s hope he takes the bait” he said to himself.

Ben growled, to his team, “He’s mine.” as he aimed his Tesla at Artie. Just as Ben fired the Tesla, Artie urged the carpet higher. As Artie hoped, Ben missed him and shot the disco ball that he had hung earlier.

The disco ball started working its magic. Artie flew away as most of Ben’s team started dancing.

Unfortunately, Ben did not fall prey to the mesmerizing sound of Gloria Gaynor’s song, “I Will Survive” and was rallying what was left of his team to give chase.

“Ben is a Neanderthal. I’ll have to appeal to his baser nature” Artie thought to himself, “And I know just what to do.”

Artie stayed far enough ahead of Ben and the remainder of his team to keep out of range of their Teslas. “At least I’ve got them moving in the opposite direction of the Bed and Breakfast.”

Artie looked back at his chasers to gauge their distance, “I think it’s time to implement the next part of my attack”

Artie started weaving the carpet to the left and right and then up and down. He raised his arms and yelled as he directed the carpet straight down, knocking things off the shelves.

As he had hoped, Ben urged his team in the direction that Artie “crashed”. Artie heard Ben’s instructions, “Looks like the traitor lost his ride. Move in!”

As the agents moved closer, Artie put on his sunglasses and lit the fireworks that Ronnie had collected.

As the fireworks exploded, Ben and his men were mesmerized and completely ignored Artie as he rose above the aisles and took off in the direction of the Bed and Breakfast.

“Okay, I’ve got 10 minutes to get everyone inside the B&B.” Artie patted the carpet urging it to move faster.

Hopefully, the commotion of the disco ball and the fireworks would keep James and his minions’ busy and give Mrs. Frederic more time to recuperate.

“What was all that noise?” Claudia asked as Artie landed in front of the Bed and Breakfast. “I swear I heard disco music.”

“Just a few surprises for Ben and his thugs,” Artie replied rolling up the carpet, “we’ve got some breathing room to set up some defenses and hopefully stall James long enough to get me back to where or when I belong.”

He looked at Claudia, “How’s Mrs. Frederic?”

“She’s still out but her color is better.”

Artie nods and starts moving towards Andrew and Ronnie.

“Andrew, let’s move her inside the Bed and Breakfast.” Andrew moved the bioelectric car out of one of the aisles to the front door of the B&B.

“Once we are all inside, I’ll explain the next step in our plan”, Artie huffed as they carried Mrs. Frederic inside.

As they made Mrs. Frederic comfortable, Artie explained the unusual attributes of their new base of operations. Looking alarmed, Andrew asked, “How do we get out?”

“How do you know all of this?” Ronnie asked and before Artie could answer, “And don’t tell me you’ve read it in a book.”

Ronnie looked at Andrew and continued, “I think we are in real trouble here. We took your side, it seems, so we deserve some answers; REAL Answers.”

Artie looked to Claudia for support. She shook her head and raised her arms - a good indication that he needed to come clean.

So, he did.

After he finished, Ronnie and Andrew just sat in silence for a long time, forever, it seemed. Artie could practically feel James closing in.

Artie started pacing.

"We," he stopped, "I don't have time for you two to mull this over. You can stop helping, that's fine, I would understand. BUT, I cant let you leave. You'll have to stay here. If this all goes south, you can say that I duped you. When you discovered the truth, I kept you as my prisoners."

He looked at the 2 agents and sighed, "I'm sorry you got pulled into this but I really need your help. So are you two in or not?"




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Reply KJay99
4:03 PM on June 8, 2016 
Aw! So sweet!! I wonder what will happen to those that Artie leaves behind if he ever gets back to the real reality.
Reply LadyNRA
11:34 AM on June 27, 2016 
Really enjoyed the new addition to the story :-) As always you left me wondering what they would do next. Glad you are still writing this!

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