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'Eagleheart' - Saul Mention

Posted by Kritchkow on January 19, 2014 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Angels! Long time no post!

There's a recent mention of Saul on two episodes of Eagleheart - Chris Elliot's surreal comedy airing Thursday nights on Adult Swim.  The first was a funny banter between Chris' character (a US Marshall) and an investigating officer.  Chris was evading questions by making random statements, one of which was "When will Saul Rubinek finally be recognized for his film work?  That man lights up the screen."

The second mention - and probably the most random of all gags in the whole season - was the physical embodiment of "America" kidnapping Chris and taking him on a rampage of violence and drugs.  After the end of their journey Chris and 'America' fall asleep in a barn and as America drifts off he has a dream of "...President Saul Rubinek!"

I have a screencap of the image, but I had to add to our Photo Gallery section. Enjoy!

All episodes of Eagleheart are available on the Adult Swim Youtube Channel - BUT BEWARE!  The show is not for everyone!  (Cartoonish yet strong violence, and adult situations.)